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The Dominant is stone church, which is situated above the centre of the village Oščadnica. The Kalvária was built by the citizens as the thanks for nobody was killed from the Oščadnica in the battles during the 2.World War. The battles were in 1945 in Veľká Rača. Nowadays, every year on Sunday after feast day Nanebovzatia Panny Márie 18.8, is organised by citizens a pilgrimage on the Kalvária. Every year, are coming pilgrims from the whole Slovakia, not only from Kysuce. In the same day is in Oščadnica also typical Oščadnica feast with over 200 year tradition.


Manor-house Oščadnica is from the first half of 19.century and there is an exposition of the gallery of Kysuce with presentation of the fine art.


The Pilgrimage site is situated on the small glade. The center of this place is the new chapel, in which are served the Masses.The Interior of the chapel is available in the opening hours in Sunday, but also in some feast days. Near the chapel are watersheds, which have allegedly curative effect.


The first Slovak Orloj is in Stará Bystrica. It is the biggest wooden statue in the Slovakia. The whole composition of the Orloj is created by the seated Madonna, concretely Our Lady of Sorrows- patroness of the Slovakia.


The museum of the Kysuce village in Nová Bystrica- Vychylovka, is the permanent exposition in the nature. There is well-preserved ancient architecture of the Kysuce village, which represents the way of life and the culture of the people in Kysuce in the past. There is also the light railway from 1926, which joined in the past Kysuce and Orava.


The scene about the nativity you can see in the village Rajecká Lesná. The Masterpiece shows the work and the handicrafts of the Slovak people from the past, national costumes and traditions. The wooden figures are moving, working and reveling. The Betlehem consists of the all regions of the Slovakia, which are represented by the most famous cities and monuments. Every visitor from the Slovakia can find there the piece of his Home.